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#35, 3/4″Clutch?, Brake Band & Drum, Chain, 60T Sprocket, 48″ Cable Go Kart Kit

Name??Go Kart Kit

Clutch Details:
3/4″ Bore with 3/16″ keyway
12T Driver for #35 Chain
Engagement RPM: 2200
Rated up to 8HP
Bi-Directional (inboard or outboard)
There are many variables that play into the performance of a clutch. Tire size, rear sprocket size and rear drive set-up are a few of the main variables that could affect clutch performance. If you are using large tires or a small sprocket, your vehicle may require a belt drive system. Clutch performance is not based solely on the engine size.

Brake Band Details:
4″ Brake Drum
Works on 4″ Brake Drums, including the Yerf-Dog Go Kart

Brake Drum Details:
4″ OD Machined Drum for Brake Band Use
2-1/8″ ID of Center Hole
(4) 3/8″ bolt holes on a 2-7/8″ bolt circle

Chain Details:
#35 Chain Size
106 Links (Approx. 40″)
High Performance EK Kart Chain
Includes Master Link

Sprocket Details:
Tooth Count: 60 Tooth
Chain Pitch: #35
4 bolt holes on a 2-7/8″ bolt pattern
4 bolt holes on a 3-1/2″ bolt pattern
Bore of Sprocket: 2-1/8″
OD of Sprocket: Approx. 7-3/8″
Replaces Carlisle PN 53-673

Cable Details:
Inner Cable Length: 48″
Conduit (Housing) Length: 43″
Ball end: .220″ OD
Barrel End: .227″ Length x .215″ OD

Includes Brake Pin.

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Stable quality go kart 10T 25mm bore #40/41 Torque Converter clutch Kit

NameTAV2 30 10T 25mm #41 420 clutch kit
Model NumberTAV30 10T 25mm #41/420
TypeGo Karts Accessories
Engine4 Stroke
Drive ModeChain Drive
Wheel Size10×4.50-5/11×7.10-5
Oil Tank Capacity10L
Maximum Speed60km/h
Brake TypeHydraulic Brake
Engine Capacity50-200cc
Bore size25mm
Chain number#/4041/420
FitGo kart, drift trike etc
Central distance175mm
Combination of speed2350??150RPM
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Speed Control Kit For e-Bike ATV Go Kart Moped Mini Bikes Motorized Bicycle

???Motor??Rated voltage: 48V DC;Output:1800W;Rated speed: 4500 RPM;Sprocket:T8F 9T;Peak efficiency: 80%;Horsepower: 1.6HP.

???Controller??Rated voltage: 48V DC;Current limit : 32A;Conversion efficency: 95%.

?Advantages over traditional brushed motor: high efficiency, power frugal, low noise, Long lifespan, stable.

?Suitable for go karts, scooters, e-bike, atv, motorized bicycle, moped, mini bikes, pocket bikes and electric dirt bikes.

?Package include: 1 x motor + 1 x controller + 1 x throttle pedal + 1 x wire loom + 1 x forward reverse switch.



Name:Speed Control Kit

Motor/Controller Rated voltage:48V DC

Motor Output:1800W

Motor Rated speed:4500 RPM

Motor Sprocket:T8F 9T

Motor Peak efficiency:80%

Motor Horsepower:1.6 H P

Controller Current limit:32A

Controller Conversion efficency:95%.





Why choose Brushless motor?

1.Less electrical and electromagnetic noise

2.Long lifespan: No brushes to wear out, around triple lifespan as brushed motor

3.Low maintenance: No brushes to replace

4.Powerfrugal: Power consumption is 1/3 of brushed motor

5.High efficiency: Brushless motors are typically 85-90% efficient whereas brushed DC motors are around 75-80% efficient.



Battery :Thick Black (Power Negative) /Thick Red (Power Positive)

Motor:Thick Yellow (Motor Negative) /Thick Blue (Motor Positive)

Ignition Switch :Thin Red(VCC)/Thin Blue

Indicator : Thin red (Indicator power output) /thin black (indicator negative)

Brake :thin yellow (Brake signal)/thin black(Negative Power)

Speed governor :Thin blue(Speed handlebar Signal input) /Thin black (Negtive Power) /thin red(5V Positive Power)

Charge Port : Thin red (charge input power Positive) /thin black (Power negative)

Brake Light: Thin red (power Positive) /thin black (Power negative)

The controller have 4 groups neccessary cables: Battery, Motor, Ignition lock, Derailleur (throttle), when hook up these 4 groups cables, the E-bike can run normally. Besides, this controller have other optional functions, you can hook them up according to your applications.

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Set of 2, 1/4 -28 Aluminum Clevis Kit for Brake Throttle Rod Go Kart Yard Cart

This great looking black anodized clevis has female right hand threads that allow you to adjust the brake and throttle rods to your personal needs.
Includes clevis pin and cotter key.


Name??Clevis Kit
Space between the forks??5/16″
Length of the forks approx??1-1/2″
Diameter of the pin??3/16″
Threaded End??1/4-28

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Reduction Gearbox Kit Fits GX160/200 Go Karts Buggy

Product nameGX160 GX200 Gearbox
Model NumberGX160 GX200 Gearbox
TypeGo Karts Accessories
Engine4 Stroke
Drive ModeChain Drive
Wheel Size10×4.50-5/11×7.10-5
Oil Tank Capacity10L
Maximum Speed60km/h
Brake TypeHydraulic Brake
Engine Capacity50-200cc
Engine typeGX160/GX200 engine
Bore size20mm
Chain number#428 chain
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NEW Tuning Kit for Blaze, Fury, or Flame – Go Kart Clutch Parts

This tuning kit includes everything you would need to alter your Inferno Blaze, Flame, or Fury.


Name??Tuning Kit
Kit Includes:
Black Clutch Spring (4)
Green Clutch Spring (4)
Orange Clutch Spring (4)
Yellow Clutch Spring (4)
White Clutch Spring (4)
Heavy Clutch Weight (8)
Light Clutch Weight (8)
Clutch Weight Snap Ring (36)

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