How to Adjust Shift Cable on a Golf Cart

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(Last Updated On: July 8, 2020)

How to Adjust Shift Cable on a Golf Cart

At times, the cable connecting the forward-reverse shift in the E-Z-GO golf cart may need adjustments that are a little tough to carry out without a proper manual or instructions.

A golf cart shift cable adjustment is 1 3/8-inch from the washer and is to be made till the end of the threads. The adjuster has to be in the neutral position while making this change in the cable’s position.

E-Z-GO TXT Shift Cable Adjustment

There’s very little available by way of printed literature on the step-by-step method of adjusting the shift cable on the E-Z-GO TXT model. You will have to go by the suggestions from those who have actually made the adjustments in their carts.

The important point to note here is that the shifting forward and reverse in these golf carts do create trouble sometimes, particularly on slopes. There’s a certain level of tightness about them and you would want to tighten the cable accordingly. That is the exercise here.

Keep the shift in neutral and then adjust the cable. The play given is 1 3/8-inch and it goes till the end of the threaded portion.  You will have to include the thickness of the nut for this measurement.

E-Z-GO RXV Shift Cable Adjustment

You may be in two situations. One is fixing a new set of cables for the E-Z-GO RXV cabling for the shift. The other is you are trying to make some minor adjustments so that it functions properly and allows you to shift forward and reverse.

In both these cases, based on the information available from the vehicle manufacturer and the users of the carts, the access to the cable location and making the changes needed are a little tough.

The belt has been seen as one possible reason for the shift not moving freely. You can also check if the belt is of the right length. Some people removed the belt and say the shift worked fine afterward. Belts with shorter lengths can be fitted to see if it solves the issue.

E-Z-GO Workhorse Shift Cable Adjustment

The E-Z-GO Workhorse model also poses a similar situation where the shift jams up and can’t be used for reversing the cart. Users have written about the shift cable adjustment not working even after several tries.

The company may have to step in and post the solution along with a diagram so that the cart users can benefit. The simple solutions offered for the Workhorse are the same as for the other models like TXT. The cable needs to be moved up by 1 3/8-inch. The other option is to change the shift cable itself completely.

The thing to remember here is to keep the shift position in neutral while making the adjustment. Check if the belt is of the right size in the E-Z-Go Workhorse as well.

E-Z-GO Gas Shift Cable Adjustment

With the Gas model of E-Z-GO golf cart, the issue of the shift cable adjustment can be sorted by sourcing the original cable bracket that comes with the cart, when new. If you can find that, the shift cable adjustment becomes a breeze.

You will still need to make some fine adjustments to the shift cable after fixing the bracket. If you can’t find the original bracket, search on sites like eBay and you may be able to locate one. The manufacturer may be carrying this part. You can email them your requirement and if you are lucky, you may get it.

Yamaha G2 Shift Cable Adjustment

With the Yamaha G2, the shift cable adjustment is not a very difficult one. You have to access the transaxle on the rear of the cart and pull out the bracket where the cables are attached. You can now replace the cable.

If you are only making an adjustment to the shift cable, follow these steps:

  • Examine the shift cable closely for any damage.
  • If it is damaged you must go for a full replacement.
  • Do this inspection when the golf cart’s engine is off.
  • Allow the engine to cool before you do this exercise.
  • The adjustment has to be done at both ends.
  • One is the transaxle end and the other end is where you use the handle to shift R and F.
  • You should thoroughly clean the cable using a spray like WD40.
  • You can do the shift cable adjustment, with the shift lever in the forward position and then again changing it to the reverse position. This has been seen to be the better method in the Yamaha G2

Yamaha G9 Golf Cart Shift Cable Adjustment

On the Yamaha G9, the shift lever has a different alignment. It moves clockwise when you wish to move the cart forward. If you are facing the issue of the shift not working forward or reverse, it could be because a detent ball bearing may have fallen off during some other work on the transmission.

You will have to bring the ball bearing out using a magnet. If this is not the issue, check the shift lever again and re-fix it.

Yamaha G16 Golf Cart Shift Cable Adjustment

The adjustment of the shift cable in the Yamaha G16 golf cart is made easy with the nuts on the reverse and forward cables. The most common issue is cables sticking together not allowing easy movement. Use the WD40 or a special lube to free up the cables.

The shift cable will function perfectly now.

Yamaha G20 Golf Cart Shift Cable Adjustment

You can adjust the shift cable in the Yamaha G20 Gas by removing the adjustment nuts by slackening the jam nuts. Get the cables out by moving the shift lever back and forth. Now replace the cable and keep adjusting the cable-ending position at the transaxle end. They have to be of equal length.

You can check if the shift lever is working smoothly even as you are making the adjustment. The idea is that the cable should be of the correct length with no obstruction.

Club Car DS Shift Cable Adjustment

The procedure for adjusting the shift cable in the club car DS is as follows (you can follow the manual if you have a copy).

  • Ensure that the shift lever is in the neutral position.
  • Loosen up the nuts to make minor adjustments.
  • Once you have the cable in position, tighten the nuts and the job is done.
  • Check by running the cart and changing the gears to ensure there is no problem.

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