How to Adjust & Tighten Loose Golf Cart Steering

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(Last Updated On: July 13, 2020)

Why is the Steering Loose on my EZGO Golf Cart?

EZGO golf carts can experience loose steering because of loose tie rods or worn out steering wheel brushes and spindles.

EZGO Golf Carts negotiate with uneven terrain, and loosening of the steering wheel is natural over time. Most cases arise when the cart is faced with a hard surface.

  • The bearing slops and tie rods may have gotten loose. The tie rods could be inspected by uncoupling and turning steering wheel each side and then centering it.
  • The kingpins and spindles under the steering box may be loosened.
  • The top and bottom bushings of the steering wheel may be loose. The bush is housed in an aluminum case above the inner tie rods.
  • The pinion and rack arrangement of the steering wheel could be worn out or loose.

If you’ve owned an EZGO golf cart for several years you may eventually come across your own array of steering issues.

How to Adjust the Steering on a EZGO Golf Cart?

EZGO Golf Cart steering wheels can sometimes become misaligned and require tweaks to adjust their overall performance. This happens when the wheel turns the cart excessively to either left or right with the steering.

Golf courses are uneven or hard terrain, and the steering wheel can get off-centered or loose when dealing with it. Inspect the steering wheel periodically and adjust whenever necessary, using the right tools.

In case the steering hits the hard surface, it can be reset through pulling it with a regular steering wheel puller and turning around. However, for a complete overhaul with the steering adjustment, you need more tools and lubricants and take the entire steering wheel out.


EZGO steering adjustment:

  1. Start with the steering wheel by loosening the central shat nut attached to it. Use an adjustable wrench as the size of the nut may vary between 15″ to 16″.
  2. Don’t remove the nut entirely as the steering wheel may pop out, which could surprise you.
  3. Tap the wheel with a metal punch or rubber mallet on both sides and pull it upwards. Rubber mallet ensures you don’t cause any mechanical damage while loosening it.
  4. Once the steering wheel comes off, put back.
  5. Ensure that the threads on either side of the steering rack are equal amounts.
  6. The shaft twists should not come in contact with jam nuts in the rack. Use the wrench if it needs adjustments and tighten the routing wheel.
  7. For realignment, rotate the wheel to the center and then to suit your adjustment. You will need to extract the knuckle to proceed.
  8. Bring it back to the default position and again repeat for another side.


How to Fix Loose Steering on an EZGO Golf Cart?

Loose steering problems are usually a result of tie rod issues. Adjustments to tie rods can fix loose steering on an EZGO golf cart. Otherwise, inspect the steering box, bushings, or the pinion and rack arrangement.

If loose steering on your golf cart is coming from the steering box, pinion or rack arrangement, there is a possibility they are worn out. In this case you should consult with a technician and have the part replaced.

However, if the parts like the tie rods or large nut on the bush are loose, it just a matter of tightening with the right tools and precautions.

  1. Start with the steering box and the tie rod. If the problem is with the tie rods, then loosen them and turn the steering wheel to either side by an equal degree and recenter it.
  2. Reattach the tie rod after turning the wheel to each side equally. If the steering is still loose, move on to the steering box.
  3. Ensure the kingpins and spindles on the box are tight. If not, pick up the adjustable wrench and tighten them.
  4. Now inspect bushings of the steering wheel, housed in an aluminum box. It will have a large nut with the drop-link.  Move the link to assess the integrity and tighten the nut if necessary.
  5. Finally, look at the pinion and rack arrangement and tighten any loose screws or nuts with the appropriate tool.

How to Tighten the Steering on an EZGO Golf Cart?

Tightening the steering wheel could be necessary to counter a loose problem. As I have clarified, the cart could develop a loose wheel problem from multiple scenarios.

You need wheel chocks attached to either the back or front wheels to fix the cart. Also, I recommend a small floor jack to lift the golf cart as the carts are lightweight and close to the ground.

How to tighten the steering on your EZGO cart:

  1. With the vehicle set to the floor and with no chances of slippage, use the wheel to turn the rack to one side.
  2. Find the bottom adjustment nut and loosen it with a wrench.
  3. Now, the middle adjustment control could be a nut or a screw. For a nut, I’d recommend using an Allen wrench. A flat screwdriver could be used for a screw.
  4. Rotate the middle adjustment clockwise to attach with the rack. Again, turn counter-clockwise by a 22.5 to 45-degree angle. Repeat this step to assess the binding.
  5. If the steering wheel is not binding well, then the issue could be with tie rods and may need replacement.
  6. Take away the jack by lifting the cart again, followed by removing the chocks once it is firm on the ground.
  7. Make sure the links between the steering and wheels are tight in place. They should work in tandem with the entire machinery.
  8. Investigate issues with the toe-in.  The riser on the spindle and the associated bolts on the riser could become loose. Fixing the riser could also help with movable wheel bearings.


1989 EZGO RXV Loose Steering

If you are dealing with a gas 1989 EZGO model, you might need to adapt some old school approaches to troubleshooting the steering problems. The problem could lie with toe-in or springs or wheel and tire combo. The same adjustment applies to the TXT, RXV, or Marathon models.

Golf carts are known to lose control and bump up even at low speeds like 5mph. The suspension on golf carts can only negotiate smooth curves on the golf course.

However, if the problem is with the assembly, here’s how to fix it:

  1. Inspect the tie rods and steering gear primarily. Most problems lie around these parts.
  2. Move the tie rods by rocking it and the joints.
  3. Then move on to check the toe-in and adjust the caster to get the cart moving straight again.
  4. Ask someone to move the steering wheel in any direction while you inspect the joints, called ball sockets, which have a bolt attached to the spindle while turning the wheel.
  5. Finally, if the problem persists, you might have a worn out or loose kingpin that needs tightening or replacement.


1996 EZGO Gas Loose Steering

With your 1996 EZGO TXT model, a loose steering problem can arise from tie rods and worn out or free steering linkages. It may not be significant at lower speeds, but definitely unsafe at a higher pace. Either way, here are the main points you should focus on maintenance –

  1. Ask someone to move the steering wheel back and forth while you make sure the tie rods are tight in place.
  2. Three main bolts keep the main steering wheel tight with the cart. Ensure they are fast and not worn out. Use an adjustable wrench wherever necessary.
  3. Given the advanced age of the cart, sometimes the gear inside could also be worn out. This calls for consulting a technician and getting a replacement.
  4. Also, have a look at the rack and pinion arrangement and the internal bushings. However, it may be hard to find a suitable replacement in the present market.


1998 EZGO Loose Steering

1998 Electric EZGO Golf Carts usually have a front-mounted steering wheel. If your electric TXT model is having a lot of play with the steering wheel, you need to start inspecting the bushings.

Enlist someone’s help while dealing with a 1998 TXT. I usually ask someone to rock the steering wheel while on the cart while by inspect the bottom. Also, check the pitman arm that slides into the steering rack, and the tie rod ends.


2000 EZGO TXT Loose Steering

If you are facing issues with your 2000 TXT EZGO model, inspect the tie rods and the rack and gear. If the bushing on the arm is worn out, replace it. Also, check the frame in the center for wear and even change the rack and pinion gears.

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