How to Install Handlebar Risers on Your Snowmobile

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(Last Updated On: November 17, 2020)

Adding handlebar risers on your snowmobile allows you to stand up straighter, and gives you more control in the deeper snow. The higher center of gravity allows the front to float more toward the surface of the snow.

Stand on your machine and determine how high you want the bars to be.


Remove the bar padding, exposing the factory bars and mounts.
Loosen and remove the factory bolts. There should be four bolts on top and four on the bottom.


Look at the brake, throttle, and oil cables. They are the only cables that go from the handlebars to the engine of the machine. Stand on the machine and make sure lines are long enough for the added height.


Order the bar risers once you know your desired height. A pivot adapter might be needed if your machine does not have one. If the cables are not long enough, new ones must also be ordered at this time.


When the parts come in, bolt on the pivot adapter, if necessary, and then the riser block itself. If you ordered longer cables they should also go on at this point. Then the bars must be attached. Make sure to use Loctite on all bolts.


Adjust the bars and riser to a comfortable position of your liking. Torque the bolts to factory specs.


Replace your bar padding and cover if desired.


Bleed your brakes in case air has gotten in the line.


Start the sled and make sure everything works.

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