How to motorize a regular bike into a great awesome motorbike

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(Last Updated On: June 29, 2020)

Step 1: Get You Hands on a Bike and Motor

Things you need
-gas (1 to 20) parts oil
-gas tank
-kill switch
-318 chain
-chain breaker
-fuel line

Step 2: Mounting the Motor

mount the motor on the bike by screwing on the clamps under the top side, over the v frame on your bike.

1 the engine mounts on the frame”vee” above the pedal wheel sprocket
2 if the distance between the two bars exceeds the engine mounting span then additional spaces or welding brackets are needed. Mount the seat tube as low as possibla and then fir ro the front tube. ideal position it level.

Step 3: Chain/ Sprocket

Chain/ Sprocket

1 the drive chain sprocket has a 35.9 mm dia. center hole and mounts on axle hub on the left side of the rear wheel against the spokes dish side in. The sprocket must fit ovet the hub in a perpendicular plane with the axle. this insures that rear chain sprocket spins true with the rear bike wheel.Spin the back wheel and check for wobble if there woble the chain can jump off.

1. for standard kit sprocket installation, locate sprocket on axle hub with curved side next to spokes, shinny side in.

2. If not pre sliced, cut the rubber isolator to the center, in order to fit INSIDE the spokes and around axle.Install the split steel retainer plates next to the rubber isolator and insert 9 bolts.Some kits supplied with 5 or 6 retainer plates for dual locking.

3. Secure with 9 bolts compressing the chain sprocket to the spokes. Note:Rubber isolators may be needed on both sides of sprocket for chain alignment on some non-coaster brake bikes.

4. Chain sprocket on the wheel must align within 1/2 cm to the chain drive sprocket on the engine. The drive chain can be easily shortened to the correct length. Special tools are required to remove and replace the master link when shortening the chain by removing links. Ideally, both your pedal drive chain and your engine drive chain should have the same tension.

part 2

1 Remove cover plate from left rear side of engine.

2 The engine comes with a drive sprocket to match the chain in the kit. . If the kit has a standard bike chain and a 415 HD heavy duty chain is desired, you must remove the narrow drive sprocket from the engine and install a wider tooth drive sprocket obtained from your dealer to match the 415 chain. Install chain with master link clip on inboard side of the primary drive sprocket teeth.

3. Use spark-plug and wrench to turn engine crankshaft sprocket to feed chain around it.

4. Fit chain, measure and remove excess links to assure proper length. Proper length is when top side of drive chain has one fourth inch to half inch deflection with the bottom side of the chain loop tight.
Reconnect the master link, and replace cover plate on engine.

5. Chain tension adjustments can be made by moving rear wheel. If both engine and pedal chains can be made to have equal tension then installing the idler assembly will not be necessary. Mount the chain idler on the wheel strut if the engine drive chain cannot be made as tight as the pedal chain.

6. Install supplied chain safety guard by attaching to engine and wheel axle struts.

Step 4: Fuel Tank

A) Attach fuel petcock to tank. Use Teflon tape to seal threads.
B) Attach fuel line from tank to carburetor.

Gas and Oil Mixture for Fuel ratio
The engine is a 2 cycle design, therefore, a gasoline/oil mixture is necessary. During the break-in period (1st gallon of fuel), the ratio should be 18 to 20 parts gasoline to 1 part oil. After the break-in period, the ratio can be increased to 20 – 25 parts gasoline to 1 part oil.

Step 5: Clutch/ Throttle and Kill Switch

Clutch/ Throttle and Kill Switch

Take clutch lever and slide it on over the handle bar and take the cable and thread it through the lever in the engine. When you pull the clutch the engine should disconnect from the back wheel so you can get it started.Then trim the rest of the cable because it is very sharp and will cut you when you pedal. Make sure you rescrew the screw so it wont come lose.

take the existing grip off the bike and slide the throttle on the right side of the bike. Use an allen wrench to tighten it. take the cable from the throttle and slide it on the carburator so when you pull the throttle you should feel some resistance when you twist it.

kill switch
Take the red wire from the throttle and attack it the the frame, Take the black wire and attach it to the white wire coming from the motor. When you push the kill switch you hold it so it will turn of not just stall.

Step 6: Spark Plug

Take the black box with wires coming off of it and take th black thick part and cap it over the end of the white thing “spark plug” on top of the motor . Attach the white black to the black and blue to blue.

Step 7: How to Start the Motor Up

before you start push the ticklier button and open the carburator. All the way first pull the clutch down and pedal until going kinda fast then release and twist throttle and pedal until it starts up then just twist to go faster.

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