12″ Adjustable Shocks for Go-Karts & Mini Bikes (Set of 2) (12 mm Eye Diameter)

12″ Adjustable Shocks for Go-Karts & Mini Bikes (Set of 2) (12 mm Eye Diameter)

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(Last Updated On: December 8, 2022)

12 mm internal diameter (ID) eyes.
12″ length (eye to eye).
450 lbs. load compression.
Size:12 mm Eye Diameter
Upgrade your old shocks with a replacement set of two 12″ adjustable shocks for go-karts and dirt bikes. Mounting a new set of shocks is more than just routine maintenance, it means a more comfortable ride. Bad shocks can damage tires or cause an abnormally jarring and rough ride. You can prevent these problems by replacing your damaged or worn out old shocks with these high-quality replacement adjustable shock sets for go-karts and mini bikes.

These 12″ beauties are available in several size versions, the determining factor being the internal diameter (ID) of the mounting eyes. We offer these in the three most common ID varieties; 10mm, 12 mm, and 3/8″. Shock absorbers in these sizes are compatible with a wide range of go-kart and mini bike models. Just determine the internal diameter (ID) size that you need for your go-kart or dirt bike and get ready for a smoother, less tooth-chattering, non-bone-rattling day at the track.

Product Features:
12″ length (eye to eye)
450 lbs. load compression
2″ compression
Select 10 mm, 12 mm, or 3/8″ internal diameter (ID) eyes

Shock diameter: 2″
Eye diameter: 10mm, 12 mm, 3/8″
Eye spacing length: 12″
Compression: 2″
Compression weight: 450 lbs.