150cc Carburetor for Baja 150 (BA150) ATV and Dune 150 (DN150) Go Kart

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(Last Updated On: December 7, 2022)

This carburetor features a convenient electric choke on the left side.
Made for 125cc & 150cc GY6 engines, this carburetor is compatible with a wide range of s & models.
The 2-pin connector may be spliced or modified to suit individual requirements
Our carburetor is especially good for ATVs, dune buggies, and other -made motorsports vehicles.
The AlveyTech 150cc carburetor for the Baja 150 (BA150) ATV and the Dune 150 (DN150) go-kart may also fit other 150cc dirt bike or ATV engines. This is the standard original equipment manufacturer’s (OEM) carburetor on many made 150cc AYVs, go-kart, dune buggies, and street-legal motor scooters.
Our carburetor comes complete with vacuum hoses, green-yellow wiring, and 2-pin connector.
24mm intake inside diameter
32mm intake outside diameter
This carburetor is commonly used on produfrom Baja Motorsports, Chuanl, Geely, Kymco USA, Peace, Strada, Tank, and Vento.
Engine Size(s):125; 150cc
Engine Intake Inner Diameter: 24 mm
Engine Intake Outer Diameter: 31.5 mm
Air Intake Outer Diameter: 42.7 mm
Air Intake Inner Diameter: 37.8 mm
Overall Depth: 11 cm
Overall Width: 10 cm
Overall Height: 14.5 cm
Choke: Electric auto bystarter
Choke Location: Left
Connector: 2 pin
Connector Wire Length: 68 cm
Fuel Line Length: 28 cm +/-
Fuel Line Inner Diameter: 4.5 mm
Fuel Line Outer Diameter: 7.5 mm
Main Vacuum Hose Length: 18 cm +/-
Vacuum Hose with T Length: 19 cm +/-
Vacuum Hose Inner Diameter: 4 mm
Vacuum Hose Outer Diameter: 7 mm
Drain: Yes
Fuel Shutoff: No