E-Z-GO Medalist / TXT Premium Drive Belt (Fits 1994.5-Up)

E-Z-GO Medalist / TXT Premium Drive Belt (Fits 1994.5-Up)

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(Last Updated On: December 6, 2022)

The drive belt on your caddie is arguably the most critical belt on the cart. Sure these parts all serve their function, like the timing belt making sure the valves are open and closed when they are supposed to be. Then there is a starter belt that starts the engine up the first time of the day. The E-Z-GO Medalist and TXT Premium Drive Belt connect the two clutches. When the motor spins the primary clutch, the belt transfers that energy to the rear or secondary clutch. Without this belt, your rear wheels would not turn, and you would be dead in the water.
Many customers are unaware that you will lose performance when your golf cart belt starts to wear out and get thin. One-eighth of an inch below the factory width of the EZGO belt will cause a significant loss in torque. You will have trouble getting moving from a stop, and climbing hills will be near impossible. If your belt starts barking like a dog, call and get it replaced.


Fits EZGO Medalist and TXT models
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