Fatbar36 Reed/Windham Handlebars

Fatbar36 Reed/Windham Handlebars

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(Last Updated On: December 6, 2022)

Presenting uncompromising performance, the R-Works badge from combines the ultimate materials and manufacturing process to bring you the very best performance product. The R-Works Fatbar36 is the ultimate lightweight motocross handlebar. 36Tech handlebar standard and proprietary Zarillium material are combined to produce a high strength handlebar at the lowest possible weight. 36% lighter than the standard 28mm diameter Fatbar.

Made from Zarillium, exclusive aluminum allow that features 20% greater tensile strength than 7010-T6 aluminum while maintaining the same elongation properties
36Tech is a handlebar standard developed by to push forward the boundaries of handlebar technology
The 36mm clamping diameter tapers down to a conventional 22mm control section at each end, using advanced wall geometry, maximizing material efficiencies in wall thickness along the entire length of the handlebar to reduce weight
38mm clamping diameter improves torsional security by 59%
Handlebar tapers to 22mm at each and to work with standard controls
The R-Works badge represents uncompromising performance with ultimate materials and manufacturing processes
Bar pad included
Twinwall equivalent – 998
Fatbar equivalent – 603

A (Width): 803mm
B (Height): 98mm
C (Rise): 68mm
D (Clamp): 124mm
E (Sweep): 56mm
F (Control Area): 202mm

Note: Neither 22mm or 28mm clamps will work with the R-Works Fatbar36 handlebars. New 36Tech bar mounts must be purchased separately to fit the handlebars to your original triple clamps