Hydraulic HYMEC Clutch

Hydraulic HYMEC Clutch

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(Last Updated On: December 6, 2022)

If your bike has a heavy clutch that wears out your hand and causes poor clutch control, the Hydraulic Clutch is a solution that replaces your cable actuated clutch with a smooth pulling, responsive hydraulic clutch lever system.

Magura??s Hydraulic Clutch operates on the same principles as your hydraulic brakes, and with a built-in fluid reservoir and slave cylinder, this hydraulic clutch makes your lever pull consistent and predictable throughout its range with a pull that??s up to 20% easier than a cable actuated clutch.

Installation is fairly simple by mounting the components, routing the lines, and bleeding/adjusting the system until it works well for you. The new hydraulic clutch lever will pull easily and smoothly with no pressure points but improved feedback. This makes the Hydraulic Clutch great on tight technical terrain or for use with heavier than stock clutch springs.

Hydraulic clutch lever for motorcycles or atvs
Replaces lever and cable with hydraulic lever/resevoir, lines, and slave cylinder
Up to 20% less force required to pull lever
Built-in fluid reservoir and slave cylinder
Self-adjusting (no cable stretch)
Less maintenance
Predictable and consistent feel throughout pull
No pressure point fading