PD32J Heated Carburetor fit for HON DA TRX450 350 300 250


Applicable models: HONDA TRX450??TRX350??TRX300??TRX250
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(Last Updated On: September 22, 2020)
Product Name:PD32J Heated Carburetor
MOQ:1 Piece
Application:TRX450 350 300 250

Carburetor working principle

First fuel is supplied into the float chamber through strainer. Strainer works as a filter. It does not allow dust and other suspended particles into the float chamber which can choke any fuel passage.
The float maintains a constant level of fuel into float chamber. If the amount of fuel in the float chamber goes down below designed limit, the float goes down which opens the fuel supply valve and allow fuel to flow into float chamber. If the fuel reaches designed limit, the float goes up, which closes the fuel supply valve and thus stop fuel supply into float chamber.
The fuel discharge nozzle connects float chamber to venturi tube. The one end of fuel supply nozzle connected to the bottom of the float chamber and other one is to the venturi tube slightly above the designed fuel level in the float chamber. This will avoid overflow when engine is not running.
During suction stroke air is drawn into cylinder through venturi tube. Venturi is a tube of decreasing cross section and has a minimum area at throat. The fuel supply nozzle connects at the throat of venturi tube. This air has maximum velocity at throat.
Due to this high velocity, the pressure at the throat goes down below float chamber pressure.

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