PD32JD (Electric heater) Carburetor fit for ATV TRX350 400 450


Applicable models: ATV TRX350??ATV TRX400??ATV TRX450
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(Last Updated On: September 22, 2020)
Product Name:PD32JD (Electric heater) Carburetor
MOQ:1 Piece
Application:ATV TRX350 400 450

How to clean motorcycle carburetor


1.First remove the carburetor from the motorcycle

Use the plum blossom eight or plum ten (depending on the size of the nut) to twist the nut that connects the carburetor to the engine, and then twist the screw that connects the carburetor to the filter. Finally, remove the throttle line. Turn off Oil and unplug the tubing.
2. Remove the carburetor float chamber
Use a cross knife to twist the three screws of the carburetor float compartment cover
3. Learn about carburetor
After decomposing the carburetor, let’s get to know the names of its parts.
4. Decompose the components of the carburetor
Remove the main injector hole of the carburetor, the idle injection hole and the float
5. Start cleaning the carburetor
Use a carburetor cleaner to align each orifice (note that the eyes should not be aligned with the carburetor to prevent the cleaning agent from being sprayed into the eyes)
6. Mounting carburetor
After cleaning, the carburetor can be installed. Then you can put him in the car.
Note: Fireworks are strictly prohibited during the entire work process.
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