Power Spring Upgrade – 1986-Up Club Car DS

Power Spring Upgrade – 1986-Up Club Car DS

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(Last Updated On: December 6, 2022)

We bet you didn’t know we were psychic. Our telepathic powers are limited to the realm of golf carts and not a supernatural or immaterial domain. We can use our not so mystic abilities to tell you that you are more than likely hereafter upgrading your caddie. Something along the lines of a lift kit with oversized tires and wheels. Maybe a rear seat or a cargo box. Something heavy that seemed to zap all of your performance. Well, you came to the right place. The Club Car DS Upgraded Power Spring will give you all of your power back and then some. You will be slightly limited in top speed, but you are looking at a gain of 40 percent or better when it comes to torque.
This golf cart clutch spring is designed to install in the driven clutch. It is much stiffer than the stock Club Car spring. It is pre-loaded and will not have tines to lock it in place as it does not need them. Call and get one shipped your way.


This kit is a must for lifted carts with larger tires
Comes with heavier spring and install tool
This kit gears the cart lower, giving it more torque, for faster take off and better hill climbing
Easy installation

Please Note:
These springs will only work on a factory OEM clutch. If you have an aftermarket clutch you will not be able to install properly