Quality engineered for strength and durability PWK38 Carburetor Power Jet Carburetor


?100% Brand new and High quality.
?Guaranteed Good Quality & Made From the Highest Quality Materials Available.
?High Performance Racing Carburetor, high strength.

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(Last Updated On: September 22, 2020)

Product Name:PWK38 Carburetor
Color:As picture showing

How Carburetors Work

? ? ??The carburetor is a pipe above the engine cylinders with an air pipe and a fuel pipe connected to it.??

? ? ? The air pipe brings in outside air, first through an air filter to remove dirt and other debris, and then to the carburetor.?

? ? ?The carburetor, also known as the carb, has two valves that perfect the air to fuel ratio.

? ? ?The first valve, known as the choke, regulates air flow into the carburetor to mix with the fuel and is only used when the engine is cold.?

? ? ? The second valve opens and closes when you depress the gas pedal and regulates how much of the combination exits the carb and goes into the engine.

? ? ? As the valve opens it draws air by the venturis and pulls fuel in to mix with the air. Fuel is provided via a small fuel tank called the float-feed chamber or float bowl. As fuel in this tank decreases, the float falls, which opens a valve at the fuel inlet pipe to refill or maintain the fuel level in the tank.

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