Rear Brake Caliper & Master Cylinder for Coleman KT196 Go-Kart

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(Last Updated On: September 22, 2020)

This Chinese rear brake assembly is the replacement part for the Coleman KT196 and Hisun GK200 go-karts. The assembly has the brake master cylinder, caliper, brake line hose and brake fluid reservoir.

Master Cylinder description:

  • Mounting holes on master cylinder are 45mm [1.8″] center-to-center apart
  • Adjustable length piston with clevis and pin
  • Reservoir mounts on the top
  • Hose to reservoir is about 188mm [7.5″] long
  • Shipped with brake fluid in reservoir
  • Reservoir has metal reinforced mounting hole on side

Caliper details:

  • Mounting holes are 65mm [2.5″] center to center apart
  • Includes pads
  • Includes bleeder screw

Hose is approximately 5.5′ long. This is an OE assembly from Hisun.

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