Seiko elaborate ALS4013 karting 4-point seat belt amusement equipment seat belt manufacturer


This seat belt accessory is a brand new high-end seat belt accessory suitable for various usage environments. Good quality, strong and durable, and all installation accessories are complete.

installation method:

Installation is simple, one worker can easily install and use.

Washing instructions:

(1) Wipe the dust with a damp cloth (2) Water temperature below 30 degrees (3) Do not use chlorine to wash (4) Do not use a dryer

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(Last Updated On: September 22, 2020)


Keep away from fire and cutting with sharp objects.

Instructions for use

1. The use of seat belts should be long and short, and unreasonable violent pulling is prohibited. It is not allowed to tie the webbing or add other unrelated accessories to the seat belt.

2. When wearing a seat belt, the waist lock should be fastened to prevent folding and twisting, adjust to a comfortable length and tightness, and should not be used at high temperatures above 100??C. Check each time before use, if abnormal, you should immediately stop using it for replacement.

Storage instructions

The safety belt should be stored in a dry and ventilated warehouse. It should be protected from the sun and rain, and should not be exposed to open flames, high temperatures, and strong acids. It should avoid contact with sharp objects.

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