Tell you how to grease the bearing

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(Last Updated On: February 7, 2023)

  1. Clean/Remove existing oils, greases anti-corrosion coatings
    • Cleaning and removing any existing oils, greases and coatings will eliminate any potential incompatibilities that may occur between the existing product and the new lubricant. Additionally, a clean contact surface inside the bearing will enhance the wetting capability and performance of the new lubricating film.
    • Many bearing companies will provide their products pre-coated with oil film or anti-corrosion coating. If this coating has a micro-thickness and is compatible with your chosen lubricant, then you may not need to pre-clean the bearing.
    • Should you need to remove the existing lubricant or clean the bearing you may use a non-residual solvent-based product to clean the bearing surfaces.
  2. Calculate the required fill quantity for your bearing
    • The correct lubricant quantity is determined by the design, operating speeds, reservoir volume and extent of sealing or shielding found in the application.
  3. Fill the bearing
    • Now that you have cleaned the bearing and calculated the fill quantity, it is time to fill and run-in the bearing. It is important to always lubricate your bearings with clean, fresh grease and that the environment is clean and dry to minimise the risk of moisture or debris damaging the bearing.
  4. Run-in the bearing
    • Once filled, it is vital to run-in the bearing to ensure its performance and longevity.
    • Start the bearing at a low speed. Aim for about 20% of the maximum operating speed.
    • Increase speed incrementally closely monitoring the temperature of the bearing ensuring a stable operating temperature.
    • Continue to increase the speed whilst monitoring the temperature until an equilibrium temperature is reached at the maximum operating speed.

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