Types of Golf Carts

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(Last Updated On: August 3, 2020)

When you’re out on the golf course, you don’t necessarily have to use a cart. But, it’ll be a lot easier to focus on your game if your back isn’t aching from hauling a heavy bag around. Plus, your golf cart allows you to express yourself in a way that’s rare in sports.

There are two main types of golf carts: gasoline and electric. Gasoline golf carts work just like little cars. A small engine, running on gasoline, powers the cart’s wheels. However, one major difference between a typical car and a gasoline-powered golf cart is when the engine runs. In a car, the engine starts when you turn the key, and it keeps running until you switch the ignition off. In a gasoline-powered golf cart, the engine starts when you step on the gas pedal, and it shuts off when you take your foot off the gas. That feature helps save gas, cuts down on emissions and helps keep the course quiet, too. And it’s nice that you won’t have to be thinking about your next shot over the drone of an engine.

Electric golf carts use batteries to power an electric motor. The batteries are typically charged by plugging the cart into a wall outlet, just like the ones you have in your house. However, some golf carts are now being fitted with solar panels on their roofs to help charge the batteries.

Most golf carts that are used exclusively for golf play are relatively plain. They’re just basic two seaters. However, you can also get modified golf carts that can carry more than two people and move supplies, like food or luggage, from place to place. Gasoline golf carts can also be fitted with more powerful motors, beefed-up suspensions and four-wheel drive, making them ideal for work in rugged areas. Plus, you can also get golf carts that have been modified to look like a Porsche, a Hummer or even a Bentley.

Of course, to really trick out your golf cart, you’ll need the proper accessories.

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