Why is My Club Car Golf Cart Burning Oil?

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(Last Updated On: August 28, 2020)

Why is My Club Car Golf Cart Burning Oil?

A club car golf cart with a blown head gasket is the most common cause of the golf cart burning a lot of oil. The presence of accumulated dirt inside the gasket can also cause oil to burn.

  • Presence of gas
  • Excessive amount of fuel
  • Faulty PCV Valve
  • Damaged piston rings

When a club car golf cart burns excess oil, your fuel expenditure shoots up drastically. Apart from that, it could result in several other issues that would have an impact on the durability of the vehicle in the long run.

An experienced golf cart user will know when there is excessive fuel consumption and the steps to be taken to correct the situation.

The fuel float present inside the carburetor gets wedged in the open position and it results in gas flowing in and mixing with the oil in the engine.

A blown head gasket can be detected by symptoms such as the engine getting overheated.

You may also see the exhaust pipe emanating white smoke, bubbles forming up in the overflow tank or a reduction in the quantity of the coolant without any leaks.

The presence of white-colored oil and coolant in the oil compartment is also a common symptom.

One of the most basic things you need to do is to check the fuel pressure regulator. You have to detach the vacuum line from the regulator and verify if any fuel is present in it.

A good quality vacuum line helps in preventing leakage from the regulator. If, after checking, you are sure that the regulator is in fine condition, then there might be an issue with the engine.

If you find the engine getting overheated frequently, you must get the head gasket replaced.

Another reason behind excessive oil burning could be the poor quality of oil-rings. Bad oil-rings do not have a direct impact on compression but they end up using a lot of oil.

One of the most effective ways of tracing the origin of a leak is to use a Leak Down Tester. It is a device that shows you where there is an internal leak.

Causes of a Club Car Burning Oil

A club car could burn oil because of multiple reasons. Some of the most common causes of a club car burning oil are:

  • Presence of gas

The piston rings positioned in front of the cylinder walls act as seals and do not let any gasoline get into the oil.

Having said that, the seal is not foolproof and a small amount of gas is bound to leak through it. For this reason, it is imperative to replace oil at regular intervals.


  • Excessive amount of fuel

When you open the fuel injector, fuel will flow out of it. When this happens, gasoline will get into the oil. Gasoline also seeps into the oil if the fuel pressure in the vehicle is too high.

There is a float present inside the tank. Ideally, it should be rising appropriately. If not, you need to get it adjusted.

You also have to ensure that the level of oil is not too high. As far as the leakage is concerned, even if there is a tiny gap somewhere, it could result in a large quantity of oil lost over time.

  • Poor PCV Valve

The crankcase that forms the central portion of the engine, helps to keep the many moving parts of the vehicle together.

These moving parts need to be protected from heat and any kind of friction.

The PCV or the Positive Crankcase Ventilation valve helps in doing that and in case it does not work properly, the crankcase will be burdened with extra pressure.

This will invariably result in leakage from the system. If there is some blockage in the PCV valve for some reason, the engine will use a lot of oil and burn it up internally.


  • Bad quality piston rings

Your vehicle could burn a lot of oil if the interior of the engine is corroding. When the engine is in bad shape, it tends to absorb a lot of oil.

When it burns excessive oil, you will see exhaust fume that is either blue or gray, coming from the tailpipe.

The inherent design of the piston rings makes them rub against the exterior surface of the cylinders present inside the engine.

Their main function is to ensure that the engine oil remains in the crankcase and there is a good balance between the air and fuel mixture in the engine.

How to Fix a Club Car that’s Burning Oil

There are a couple of effective ways to fix a club car that’s burning oil.

  • Check compression

You can check the compression of your club car cylinders using a compression gauge. You have to take into account the PSI reading for every cylinder.

A PSI reading that is around 90, indicates good compression. If you get a lower reading or there is a huge difference between the readings of two cylinders, there could be an issue which you need to look into.


  • Control leakage

When a club car burns a lot of oil, it loses out on its strength and becomes quite sluggish in its operation.

Oil starts leaking when a large amount of carbon gets accumulated in the engine resulting in a clog.

It is important to clean up the engine or get the vehicle to the service station to ensure that it is repaired.


  • Know your vehicle well

When you are using a club car, it is imperative to be aware of the technical details associated with the vehicle. You should understand the function of the F & R switch.

Blue and orange wires are connected to the pivot contacts of the switch. If there is an issue with the connections, it could lead to leakage or burning of oil.

  • Wet cylinder compression test

If you want to check whether one of the cylinders is weak, doing a simple compression test might not be enough. Instead, you can opt for a wet cylinder compression test.

In this process, fresh oil is poured inside the spark plug hole. It could prove to be effective in sealing the gap at the top and stop fuel from getting inside the engine.


1993 Club Car is Smoking and Burning Oil

When your 1993 Club Car is burning excessive oil, you can try draining out all the oil, get the filter replaced and clean the carburetor thoroughly.

After completing this process, start the engine again and check if it is still burning oil.

If that is the case, there could be a possibility of the muffler or the exhaust containing a concoction of gas and oil. An effective way to fix this is to drive the vehicle for a while.


1996 Club Car is Burning Oil

The first step is to do a compression test. If you see black smoke, you must know that the vehicle is burning excessive oil.

Since the vehicle is old, there is a chance of the engine malfunctioning. Replacing the motor could help to get rid of this problem.

Consult a mechanic or consultant before doing this. Bad quality oil rings could be the culprit and you must check for that too.

Once you get the necessary changes made, take the vehicle out for a test drive and check if the problem persists.

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